Green Bee Eater in the backyard of my house
Canon PowerShot SX60HS. 

These fellows were in abundance there. There was one twig (as seen here in this picture) where they used to come and pose for me all through the day. I even got bored to click their pictures LOL. But I clicked so many of them in groups.

Brahminy Myna or Brahminy Starling

(Green Bee Eater at the back)

Rose-ringed Male Parakeet.
Few days back a male parakeet sat casually on a tree near my window. I always wanted to photograph parakeets closely. But when I was adjusting my camera to focus it through my window grill, it stopped eating and was curiously looking at me. 

It kept a close watch on my camera until it finished eating. 

Red-vented Bulbul in the backyard of my house

Ashy Prinia - on the neighbor's compound wall.
This one little bird tested my patience to the core. It doesnt stay at a place for more than a second.

Indian Pond Heron

One fine morning, unexpectedly, it was seen stretching itself on the neighbor's compound wall. I took no time to capture this moment

Yellow Billed Babbler 

I think these birds have the most aggressive look. But I find them very cute. They usually spotted in groups. I love the noise they make in order to announce their arrival. 

Long tailed Shrike

Next day it was spotted with a mouse in its beak. It usually chooses thorny bush to hook the prey and tear it and leave it there until it gets decayed. It would get back to the decayed prey whenever it feels hungry. 

Please watch this video although it's a different species of Shrike.
I spotted this bird doing exactly the same thing that you see in this video.


One morning, I saw this Kingfisher bird sitting on a wire for a long time. I was hoping that it will turn and face me. I waited for a long time. But it did not and flew away after a while. I was disappointed

Next day I woke up early to get a glimpse of the Kingfisher bird on the same wire. But to my bad luck, it was a foggy morning. Still managed to capture the bird sideways.

Oriental Magpie Robin (Female) 

Indian Robin- Female.
This was clicked through the window glass after a heavy rainfall. It gave no time to me to move out and photograph it

Male Sparrow on a foggy morning 

Red Wattled Lawping

Indian Squirrel on a foggy morning on my compound wall

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